IMPORTANT: YOUR results are based on YOUR commitment to the seminar, and the simple instructions that follow. We know the system works – You know whether you will follow it or not.
We do not ask for testimonials as you leave the ‘WeighTooEasy’ Method – we know you will be feeling relaxed and revitalised and confident about your new weight loss journey. To put people on film expressing this and then publishing it like a genuine success is just plain deceiving – and trust us, there are a few companies who do just that!

Weight loss with Hypnotist Mark Anthony’s method is a gentle progress. Your body will thrive using the method – and your health will be at it’s peak. The results will be permanent as long as you follow the simple instructions.

Results will vary depending how much you following the simple instructions Hypnotist Mark Anthony gives you. There is no gym memberships, no rubbish diets, no calorie counting and no milk shakes – so there is NO EXCUSES why this amazing weight loss seminar won’t work for you – unless you don’t follow it.