What is the WeighTooEasy Method

Next Weigh Too Easy Seminar: Sunday 11th February 2018 at 1pm, in my offices on the Gold Coast… BOOK NOW!

With so many ‘Weight Loss’ clinics, pills, diets, potions and methods available today – it is hard to know who to choose to guide you on your Weight Loss journey. If you don’t want to diet but want to lose weight… don’t want ongoing costs but want support than this IS the method for you.

So surely it can’t be that easy to Lose Weight just by going to one seminar?!
YES it can and YES it is. You read it right – all you need to do is come to one seminar – ready to listen and follow Hypnotist Mark Anthony‘s simple instructions.

But I don’t want to be a number… that’s so impersonal!
To Hypnotist Mark Anthony you will never just be a number. In a private and exclusive seminar of just 6 attendees, Hypnotist Mark Anthony will focus on your individual needs.

Hypnotist Mark Anthony wrote the ‘WeighTooEasy’ Method in 2008. He put countless hours of research and reflected on past experiences of being 25 kilograms over weight. He put his method into practice, and within weeks had many friends and family saying “You look great…. Have you lost weight?”

Today, the ‘WeighTooEasy Method’ is helping many people to not only lose weight – but to keep it off. It is one of the most cost effective methods today. And to prove that he truly believes his method, Hypnotist Mark Anthony offers a money back guarantee – there aren’t too many methods that offer that.