What’s Involved

JUST $499
Money Back Guarantee
> Money Back Guarantee
> Exclusive Phone Support
> Email Support Plan
> Specially Recorded MP3
> Unique Small Groups
> Exclusive Method
X Embarrassment
X Expensive ongoing costs
X Gym Memberships
X Potions
X Calorie Counting
X Shakes

So what’s exactly involved with Hypnotist Mark Anthony’s ‘WeighTooEasy’ Method?

The ‘WeighTooEasy’ Method takes 2.5 hours to learn. Held in Hypnotist Mark Anthony’s on the beautiful Gold Coast at his Clinic in Bundall – the seminar is relaxing and interactive, and held in a small group of just 5-6 people. The method will certainly work in larger groups, but by keeping it to a minimum, we can ensure you personal undivided attention – to us you are a valued client – not just a number we can throw into our statistics.

When you arrive, one of our friendly team from Gold Coast Clinic will ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire so Hypnotist Mark Anthony can get a better understanding who you are. From there, you will be directed upstairs to your seat where Hypnotist Mark Anthony himself, will host this revolutionary weight loss seminar.

The seminar is interactive – answering your specific questions and concerns, is relaxing – with an amazing hypnosis relaxation session, with no pressure and fun. Participants walk away intrigued by hypnosis, with a clear weight loss focus and of course relaxed.

The ‘WeighTooEasy’ Method is what it says… ‘‘Way Too Easy’. There is no pain, no hard questions, it’s not embarrassing and there are no on-going sessions or costs.

But how does it work? Much like we don’t question how a light bulb lights up when we flick the switch – there is no need to question exactly how hypnosis or the seminar itself works. The workings behind it are astronomical. The ‘WeighTooEasy’ Method has a great success rate, and people still walk away wondering exactly how it has worked for them and why it was so easy… but the main thing is – it worked!

There is a one of payment of just $599 $499. This fee includes your attendance to the ‘WeighTooEasy’ Method seminar, and all the tools and amazing support you could imagine for after the seminar if you require.WHAT YOU NEED

* A working email address
* Reading glasses if required for filling out your paper work
* Your receipt from payment online or your booking reference number issued upon your phone booking
* Photo Proof of ID (drivers license etc) – so we can back your booking with our money back guarantee
* To be on time. We open our doors 30 minutes before the seminar begins, and close strictly 15 minutes before the seminar starts to ensure all attendees have filled out their forms in ample time before the seminar begins. We do not start our seminars late – and f you are not on time, we will need to move you to our next available seminar. We have off street parking on site – however you do need to consider limited spaces, so you need to allow enough time for travel and park.